Angela Sanders Consulting works with individuals, teams or organisations offering support that will make a difference.  The clients we work with want to make change happen and they require some independent and professional support. Our clients are engaged with work in voluntary and community organisations and learning and developmentWe provide an independent and professional service designed to bring about change guided by your needs. We take a balanced approach working with you to identify what you want to achieve and work with you to make the change happen.

Please click on headings below to find out in more detail how we can help your project:

Project and Development Work
We offer consultancy support to help organisations plan and develop projects. We can work with individuals or teams to support projects at start up and through to project closure.

This might include:
• Facilitating pre-project work:  a capturing ideas session, a feasibility study, scoping study.
• Support with processes and documents to ensure a project meets the project outcomes.
• Improving performance by developing skills and confidence in the organisation.

Needs assessment – consultation and engagement
A project can start with an idea, a spark. Taking this idea forward to a planned project will require more research and evidence to support the business case within an organisation and the allocation of resources. To meet the resourcing requirements may need a funding application and funders will want to see ‘evidence of need’.

I can help you with this process:
• Facilitating an analysis of the need and working with you to be clear about your vision and to define the project.
• Undertaking consultation with community groups and individuals.
• Designing and conducting research methodology including online questionnaires, semi-structured interviews and focus groups.
• Undertaking desk research and presenting findings.
• Making sense of data and analysing both quantitative and qualitative data.
• Preparing, producing and presenting reports for your requirements.

Project Evaluation Service
Evaluation matters
Evaluation is the means by which the value and the quality of your work can be shown. To show this requires you to find out about the effectiveness of your project or programmes of work. You may not always be placed to undertake the evaluation yourself due to time constraints or it may be that you have funding that asks for an external evaluation. We can help you with both scenarios.
We have experience in conducting project evaluations for clients. We can also support you to devise a self-evaluation process.

If you have a project that needs to be evaluated, please contact me to discuss your needs.
Sometimes a client needs a person outside of the organisation to facilitate a one off meeting, event or conference. We will work with you to be clear about what it is you want to achieve and to explore with you how this can be achieved.

Initially we will look at:

• the purpose of the meeting/event and what is the desired outcome
• who is coming
• where is it to be held
• what will the design of the meeting/event be
• how you want to record what happens and
• agree the follow up actions.

We will work with you to find the best way to create a meeting, event or conference that you will be happy with.
At certain times individuals find it helpful to work with another person in a one-to-one relationship to raise their personal awareness and support them in their professional development. You might have a new responsibility at work or want to make a change and move in a new direction and do not know how.

Through structured conversations I will work with you to:
• identify clear, realistic and practical steps you might want to take
• be better at managing change
• increase your confidence and self esteem